Pupil ‘filmed sex with teacher’

How long before this footage turns up on YouTube…? Mind, I can relate to the part of the article where it says it’s “every schoolboy’s fantasy”. I fancied the pants off the younger female English teacher at my school. In fact everyone did. Apart from a handful of boys who I’m sure were more enamoured with the gay music teacher.

Read more at news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/eng…

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Sadly, she was never “my” teacher. I had a complete **** called Mr Thomas instead. Hated even by the other staff, and my parents once they finally met the ****.

Not that he was averse to fiddling with little boys (allegedly, but hinted at by some of the essay titles he gave out)


yeah man – i’m there as well with the bald (gone far beyond the balding stage). Mmm marrying my teacher – she might be around 60 now though


Tell me about it man – I fancied the pants off my biology teacher – but she was canned for having a baby out of wedlock – god – I went to school a long time ago.
still – keep watching youtube for the video


This fit bird ended up marrying one of our PE staff. Older than her, balding, no qualifications… Hey, maybe I *do* still have a chance in life.

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