Do-gooders at it again

Simply as they have **** all better to do with their time, a bunch of bureaucrats have taken it upon themselves to discipline no fewer than 100 members of the police force for forwarding on a humorous series of pictures.The slideshow depicts a man running from police in the US. He jumps off a flyover and is decapitated on some railings. The caption is “Don’t Run From The Police”.Grisly, perhaps. But the reason for the reprimand? The man in question is black so therefore the clip is racist. For ****’s sake. Are you trying to tell me that it would have been fine and dandy if the man had been white? Apparently the mail is “at best, disrespecful to the black people that live in Hertfordshire”. Bollocks. Complete bollocks.The only people who have drawn attention to the race of the ****** who took it upon himself to run from the police are the beancounters who have to justify their positions within the force.Worst case, I’d say the police should have more to do with their time than forwarding on joke emails. But on the other hand, they’re human and deserve a giggle just like the rest of us. There’s no mention at all in the article of anyone actually making a complaint, or feeling racially harassed. Has anyone bothered to ask any coloured staff if they felt racially humiliated as a result of seeing the pictures?Nah, didn’t think so.Now, does anyone know where I can get a copy of the mail so I can laft at the daft criminal of non-important racial heritage who took it upon himself to jump off a flyover?

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