Worst… xmas album… ever

But still a work of genius. Twisted Sister’s A Twisted Christmas just downloaded itself magically onto my laptop (illegal? really?) and it’s a steaming pile of metallic turd… but so absolutely, cheese-reekingly, diabolically bad that it’s just amazing.

Highlight so far is “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” done to the tune of “We Ain’t Gonna Take It”. I hate xmas songs. Hell, I hate xmas – I’m a miserable bastard – but this has put a right grin on my chops after all the ******* muzac versions in the malls around Singapore right now.

Twisted Sister do indeed rock like motherfuckers!!!!

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I saw them supporting Alice Cooper in Sheffield about a year ago and they ******* rocked. I’m not a *huge* fan but I definitely enjoyed them and I’d go and see them again. And again. And again…


Oh my god that’s just GOT to be wretched.


My favorite xmas song, which always brings a smile to my face: “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”. It made my laugh the first time I heard it as a child, and I’ve loved it ever since. The fact that annoys some people is just an added bonus 😉


I was in Singapore about this time last year. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas seemed abit sureal when it was over 30 deg C outside.

Then again with the AC it can feel about -5 sometimes


Blink 182 do a good on – Merry Christmas, You Bastard. The Twisted Sister one’s growing on me though.

It’s around 30-ish at the moment as it’s overcast. I’ll be at a beach rave/concert/live event on Sentosa from 8pm to 8am tonight. And have a bus to K-L to catch at midday tomorrow. Eek.


My mistake – they’ve done two songs:

“I Won’t Be Home For Christmas”


“Happy Holidays You Bastard”

Then of course, Wierd Al did the amazing “The Night Santa Went Crazy”.


Just had to *evaluate* this album for myself. I see what you mean.


For the fist day of Christmas, my tru love gave to me… a tattoo of Ozzy…


So wretched it’s amazing… I think I’ve convinced about 6 people to buy it. Or at lest download it illegally for a giggle.

Sorry to say it, but I’m a HUGE fan of Twisted Fuckin’ Sister, have been for decades now…****, where’s the time gone..?…but this new album is truly *****.

OK, I can appreciate the humour of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful/We’re Not Gonna Take It”, but let’s be honest – none of us that’s heard the new version will ever listen to “We’re Not Gonna Take It” in the same light again. Ever.

That song is now officially lost, never to be listened to seriously again…

They cancelled a gig in Nottingham so they could record this album too….


Magical, entertaining, OTT ***** though…

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