Bye Bye ANS

I’m sat in the lounge of the Base Backpackers in Sydney and someone’s got the TV locked on the E! channel. And it’s showing a huge overlong over-emotional special on the funeral of some blonde bimbo with huge tits who died of a drug overdose.

Basically it seems like an excuse for a load of people to go on about how well they knew her and how much they miss her and how it’s all so unfair and… and… and…

Bollocks. Full marks to her for seeing an easy way to a quick buck (marry a guy who’s about to die) but let’s face it – she was just some blonde chick with artificial knockers. How come famous scientists don’t get this kind of treatment when the cark it? You know, people who’ve actually achieved something, or done something which makes a difference to the whole world? Instead, everyone seems more interested in what colour velvet drapes were used in the funeral or whether ANS’s casket was open or closed.

Well, I suppose she’s just continuing what she was doing when she was still alove – being famous for being famous.

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Give her her credit, there are *tons* of blonde chicks with artifical knockers out there. The fact that she managed to “rise” above the unfamous mediocrity of most of them and get a modelling contract *before* marrying yer average Texan oil-billionaire shows she must have had something.

But then, yeah, she threw it all away and became a car crash of a celebrity. Shame. And now landowners are charging people for rights to stand on space overlooking her funeral…

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