Dear "Mariam Kenzo"

Regarding your message I just got via my contact link on this page asking me to help you movem oney from an Ivory Coast trust fund into an account in the UK after the unfortunate death of your entire family…

Pardon me for being rude, but **** off you ****.

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Chris Parr

You hartless bastard!

I bet he was on the run from government baddies who were also behind the death of his family. And I bet he just found out that he had terminal cancer so he needed to move the money avay to avoid the baddies getting it. Add that to the fact that he was willing to give you 10% of about $24,500,000 (TWENTY FOUR MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!), you must be mad as well as hartless.

Then again, you could be right 😉


I’ve often wondered if this will work…

Dear 419 scammer,

I am deeply saddened to hear of your news. There is an administrative charge for my bank account and they will not be able to accept direct transfer of funds without an up-front cheque payment of TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS.

Send me the cheque, made out to <real name here> – a scan by e-mail will be fine as that’s perfectly legal when printed – and when it clears I’ll think about sending you my bank details.

Ta very muchly,
<real name here> aka dcsun4


he can also help you enlarge your penis you know

(kyak fnarr fnarr)
(sorry, feeling smutty today)


Smutty’s fine, Janet. You can feel however or whoever you like!

Carl – I’m always tempted to email them back but get enough spam as it is!

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