5 People I’d Like To Have Dinner With

Douglas Adams – it would mean he’s still alive, and he was also a complete geek. Plus I’d really like to have an argument with someone who’s utterly pro-Apple yet who I still have a lot of respect for.
Mary Whitehouse – I’d strap her in a chair Clockwork Orange-style and force her to watch hour after hour of hard-core German scatological animal porn until her brain melted out of her ears. Of course, I’d have to feed her if we were having dinner. Maybe some popcorn.
Lisa Tarbuck – because she just strikes me as being so much fun as well as being cute and sexy as all hell. She’s one of those rare women who I think I could have a great night out with and if I didn’t end up in bed with her… who cares? I just know we’d have a hell of a good night out anyway.
God – so I could tell him/her/it that I don’t believe in them and watch them vanish in a puff of logic. Or at least give him/her/it the chance to explain the mess our world’s in since the seem to have turned their back on us. I feel like a little villager in a game of Populous being played by a pre-teen with a mean streak.
My grandads – I don’t think I need to explain this one!

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Been away for a while. but here goes.
Tony Blair – but only If I could prepare the food:-)
seriously though
1 – Seth Mcfarlane – if only to slap him so he starts making funny family guy episodes again.
2 – Sachin Tendulkar – greatest modern batsman
3 – Errol Flynn – yeah he’s dead, but if he was alive he could regale me of stories of the amount of women he was hanging with in Hollywood in the early days.
4 – Jackie Milburn – nuff said
5 – Simon Singh – top author of science books and the reason I have re-discovered physics as reading material.


1 – I’ve seen some of season 4 and it’s getting towards being as good as the first 2 series. Season three did suck ass, though.

5 – I’ve read his book on Fermat’s Last Theorem and The Code Book is sitting back home in a box somewhere. It’s also on the coffee table in this very house in Brisbane!

Dewi Morgan

You’d feed Mary Whitehouse… popcorn? Why not eggs? 😛

Or milky milky milky…..


*tut* Who eats eggs when they’re watching films? You can’t just sit down with your pants round your ankles, a packet of Kleenex to one side, some hot porn on the box and a bucket of flipping hard boiled eggs, can you?

Mind, I admit, the salt does get into places I’d rather it didn’t. Like sand, but your partner doesn’t notice from the taste…

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