Download 2007

I am definitely going to the festival on June 8/9/10. Anni and I have a hotel sorted and another two spaces for people within the room there. Anyone care to join us and share the costs?

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You’ll get to see HD on the latest tour, they are down for Download on the 8th 🙂


Yayness! They’re not on the Download site as yet, but the lazy feckers haven’t updated it for over a week.


There’s a few bands at Download that I wouldn’t mind catching but like you say, the heavier bands don’t do the Carling festivals any more and I guess my musical taste isn’t as heavy as some! 🙂

Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance are probably the only two I’d identify with!

Hope you have a good festival!


This is true. I’ve spent the last 2-3 years getting back into the live thing and seeing so many of the bands I loved when I was a teenager. Just so glad they’re all still going strong!

If I had the time and money, I’d probably still consider going to Leeds just for the variety. Glastonbury though – yuck. Last time I checked a list for that festival (couple of years ago) there were 2 bands I would even *remotely* consider seeing.

Roll on early June! 🙂


Aerosmith are finally playing over here in June… am going to try and get to that 🙂


Cool – though Graspop would be more fun if you could get there! Another band off my “want to see live” list to be crossed off. And Motley Crue are also playing Download.

Still got AC/DC to go.

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