And another "**** off" to another spammer

I just got the following from some muppet via the contact link on this blog:

‘My name is Camila Parker.
I saw your blog and I found it very interesting.
So, what do you think about our collaboration?
I believe it would be great to exchange blogs!
My blog is:
Wait for your reply.
Good day
Camila Parker.’

Obviously, I’ve deleted part of the blog name. Suffice to say it was a shitload of pro-smoking ***** about how cool smoking is with links to places you could buy cigars and fags from. Oh, and the English is crap.


Camila Parker probably doesn’t exist. The email address listed most likely will bounce or sign me up to (more) spam. But on the off-chance you’re looking for a link to your blog, Ms Parker, don’t bother.

**** off.

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