Vista – first attempt

I “used” Vista for the first time yesterday. Norton Internet Security was doing its usual trick on a friend’s laptop (i.e. completely preventing internet access – secure, admittedly, but annoying). I disabled it, popped on Windows Firewall… and then found that no major “free” firewall software yet works with Vista. Hey ho.

Vista *looks* good, but a) software compatibility is lousy, b) hardware compatibility is lousy as you’ve discovered and c) it does everything that XP does, it just needs twice the hardware to do it and make it look pretty at the same time. So what’s the point?

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Chris Parr

To be honest I’m probably going to go Mac with my next machine. There isn’t anything you can do on windows than you can’t on a Mac. The new intel versions make it even easier.

Their OS X Tiger is fantastic (a guy at work bought one and I was sold instantly) and it is built on Linux so I can do work stuff on it too (not sure why I would want to). The new OS that is out in a month or two dances on Vista’s head.

I’ve not seen anything more than Vista screen shots yet, but I think you confirmed what I thought; It’s just a resource hungry (ney, addicted) version of XP vith fancy graphics.

Chris Parr

Okay, I know I said the new mac OS dances on Vista’s head. and then I’ve never seen Vista, but I’m going on good advice 🙂


You do know I won’t be able to come to your house again if you infect it with a Mac?

Except to rescue my whisky and PS2.

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