Mackems and internet morons in house trashing shock horror

BBC: Web revellers wreck family home

Me: Ha. Ha. And indeed – ha.

I posted about MySpace a few days ago. The internet for the illiterate and technically ******.

Combine that with Houghton being proven mackem territory and you’re just bound to get problems. Alcohol plus inbred freaks = problems. Oh, how I laughed when I read this. Odds are the girl got impregnated by her brother or father at some point in the evening. It’s how mackems breed, after all.

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Read my latest blog for my latest Myspace problems…I agree with you most heartily that it is a breeding ground for illiteracy and idiocy.


Ha ha ha ha. Got talking to a woman from the wrong side of the track on my recent visit to the motherland (I spoke to a mackem lass on the train for those not up with the parlance). she actually didn’t look inbred, but you never know.
anyway – how the hell do you let 200 people in your house, surely you have to open the door to let them in?


Talia – I’ll go have a shufty now. I just don’t get why established record labels and companies can’t do something decent with MySpace. I mean, it’s only CSS isn’t it?

Damo – the last mackem I met had a cockney accent. Go figure. As for opening a door, don’t those freaks live in barns or something?


The girl said there was only supposed to be 30 people invited to her party – this was despite explicit instructions from her mother that she was not to have ANYONE round the house in their absence.

What an idiot!


She’s a mackem. Therefore by definition she *is* an idiot.

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