Why no Mylo?

I want one of these (you have to have Flash enabled or you’ll get a blank screen – shitty website without even a warning or non-Flash message). Given that Sony have no plans to release a keyboard for the PSP and Logic3 have scrapped their plans to launch one, this little thing is ideal for my travels.

Text files, videos, MP3s, loaded with Skype and a web browser with 802.11x wireless and a diddy keyboard. Spot on.

And only available in the US. Why, Sony, why?

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Chris Parr

I want one of those!

$350 from amazon.com.

I don’t know if it is one of those things they won’t sell you or not (I know they do that with software), but if I had the money to spare I’d get one.

I’m sure it would be one of those gadgets I would never use, but I needs my gadget fix every now and then.


They look quite cool! I wish I could afford one, then again, I wish I could afford anything at the moment.

I think I’ll stick with my laptop for now.


Chris – issue is more that they’ll slap a sticker on the package saying “$350” at which point UK customs will then add import duty and VAT, doubling the price. I need someone visiting the US to do me a favour!

Talia – I have a laptop but I ain’t carrying it around Europe while I’m hiking!

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