Crocs? Cheap plastic crap, more like

There are these shoes called Crocs and they’re bloody everywhere in Oz. I was dragged into a shoeshop by Mel (her boyfriend spotted some boots there, and pointed them out to her, the fool) and they had roughly four walls full of the ******* things. Bright colours, stupid holes in them and an insane price tag. They even do little badge things that clip into the holes.

I saw a sign detailing how to care for your Crocs. One of the things it mentioned was keeping them out of direct heat as they special compound from which they are made can denature in extreme temperatures. Or something equally long-winded.

What it needed to say was: These things are plastic. Don’t get them hot, you ****.

Has anyone seen an old LP left in a car on a hot day? Well, these things would probably end up just as melty. And they sell them in one of the warmest countries I’ve visited. Good grief.

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I keep seeing them in shoe shops over here and every time I see them I just think of the time I spent in surgery as a student nurse. Seriously, they look exactly like the shoes surgeons wear. Which always just makes me wonder why people want to look they’re in the medical profession?!


Because doctors are rich and therefore are chick magnets?

Hey, I’m getting old. I’ll try anything to get laid…


I didn’t like them until I got back to UK and now have to wear them for work…but them, I am a nurse in ITU…have to say they are dead comfy!


Just dont go taking care of patients anywhere particularly warm! You might find yourself melting into your shoes…

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