Things I wanted to put on my travel blog, but couldn’t

I’m just blogging about climing Mt Fansipan in Sapa, and it was exhausting. I’d have liked to have used the following to describe the exertion, but it’s a family-friendly blog, so I can’t. It’s a shame to waste it, so here you go:

“There was more heavy breathing than the last time I fucked a fat girl in a sauna.”

I thank you.

6 thoughts on “Things I wanted to put on my travel blog, but couldn’t”

  1. Seems like I’m sharing a tent with the world and his wife at Download, lol…which may explain the rant I had in my latest blog…

  2. Well, if you want to bring the wife over with you, you’d be more than welcome! Will get to your blog shortly. Got a huge to-do list here and I think I’ll be on a bus to Laos tomorrow night. 24 hours. Whoop.

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