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Ah the hilarity…and this is why I refused to buy and iPod, lol. I think my Creative Zen wins this round…

Chris Parr

I think Apple may have hurt you in a past life.

Anyway you have been tagged: You’re it


I’ve got a 1Gb Samsung thumb drive thingy that just *works*. And a PSP. And hopefully a Mylo if Damo can get me one shipped from the US. That’ll be nice. 4Gb and an 80-hour battery life.

Chris – I’ve been what now?

Chris Parr

It’s some sort of blog thing.

Someone does something on their blog and taggs someone on their blogroll (passes the task onto someone else), and so on. This one it to state 5 goals you will work towards.

Thinking about it perhaps this is chain mail in blog form.


Certainly seems to be some weird form of chain mail…anyone who does it to me will be getting a swift kicking, that’s for sure 😛


right – MYLO update – I’ve spoken to my mate who is off to the states in June and he is willing.
I will keep nagging him until he confirms (the bird who works on the base may end up asking me to sleep with her as payment – not sure I can go that far for a shiny piece of tech man).


Oh, Apple update.
my 80gb video ipod keeps ******* up – goddam it, ******* waste of space sometimes.


Chris – new blog post on its way.

Talia – oh, you have *so* just opened yourself up for a tagging.

Damo – I’d need the Mylo in my paws before June 11th… If it comes down to it, I’ll sleep with her for the damn thing. How’s that for sacrifice? As for the i-Pod I won’t say “I told you so”. I’ll just say “we all know they’re godawful pieces of ***** so what did you expect?”

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