4 thoughts on “Now, Keane… shut the **** up and put your toys back in your pram”

  1. Hmm…there will be some interesting Northeast derbies next season then!

    And big Sam looks like he’s on his way to the Toon – best get an XL size shirt ready for him!!

  2. Here’s hoping I’m somewhere where I get to watch them on telly. I’ll still be in Europe when the season starts.

    I dunno if I want Big Sam. Mind, he can’t be any worse than what we’ve had recently. Our problem isn’t necessarily bad managers (OK, except Souness. And Gullit). It’s more that every one has been given up on far too quickly or after one bad season. It’s the *board* who need to change, and let someone have a long run at the job.

  3. And now it looks like Fergie has cast his beady eye on Owen, who if he went to United, I’d have to go into mourning!

  4. He was after him before. Well, it’s up to Mikey-boy. Shearer turned them down twice. Let’s see if he has as much disdain for them.

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