9 thoughts on “Sense of impending doom”

  1. I’m not a huge fan of big Sam but he did do a fair job with Bolton and now they’ve qualified for Europe. Maybe Toon will have similar success next season?

  2. Ooh, hot off the press, Stuart Pearce sacked and Paul Jewell resigned!

    Maybe Sam isn’t on his way to Toon, not if he could take over Man City withouth uprooting his family?

  3. Jewell replaced and I think Pearce has as well now. And by the time I’m typing this, they’ve probably announced Fat Sam taking over.

    Oh dear.

  4. don’t think he managed (at least full-time)
    maybe it won’t be all bad, hopefully an assassin will murder fat fred.

  5. I fear this is the only chance we will have. **** knows we won’t win a major trophy in three years.

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