Avoid Cardif Pinnacle

Another crappy company to warn you of. My otherwise excellent Nationwide gold card comes with free insurance on purchases underwritten by Cardif Pinnacle. Thing is, unlike Nationwide who I’ve pretty much decided are the best bank ever, CP are complete *****.

As those reading my Tour Blog may be aware, I lost my nice new Olympus camera in a river a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I’m a ****. But the insurance covers me for loss, damage and theft.

After digging for ages I found a contact email address on their web page which I promptly sent a message to. Ringing them from Laos wasn’t really an option! Between time difference and expense it wasn’t going to happen.

An auto-response came back promising a “real” reply within 24 hours.

*tick* 24 hours *tick* 48 *tick* 72…

After a week, I emailed them again. Then again. Then again.

**** all. Useless ****-tards.

I emailed Nationwide instead and had a reply within three days. Then I found out I’m only covered for 100 days after the purchase anyway. Arse. So admittedly receiving a reply would have been fruitless anyway but that’s not the point. If they can’t reply to a mail, how can they be expected to do anything else properly?

Cardif Pinnacle (and yes – one “f” in Cardif) are the most recent winners of the “Don’t Touch This Useless Bunch Of ******* With A Bargepole” award. Pricks.

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Chris Parr

Buy something, drop it in the river on day one so they have to pay out and it costs them money.

Actually, don’t drop it in the river, just say you did (or is that naughty)


Technically I think it’s “fraud”…

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