Talking to myself

I was in the car with Noa in Israel (see the Travel Blog a couple of weeks ago) and she started muttering to herself in Hebrew. It turns out she was trying to work out the best directions to get somewhere and asked if I didn’t talk to myself on occasion when I was working things out in my head.

Well, see, I used to. But I’m an obstinate bastard and the arguments I kept having always left me with as bad taste in my mouth. I always had to be right and get the last word in, and when you’re arguing with yourself that’s kind of inconvenient. Plus, I’m a sore loser and I never seemed to come out on the winning side.

I’d use every trick in the book to win the arguments. I’d lie, cheat and insult myself to the point where I just fell out with me. To be honest I’ve not spoken to I for a good few months now and it’s getting a bit awkward as I keep bumping into me. I’m sure people are starting to notice.

Anyway, I have to be off. I’m looking over my shoulder at what I’m typing again and I ******* hate when people do that.

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Did you type this while drunk? I ask only because of the copious amount of spelling mistakes.

Besides which, I’m always around if you want someone to argue with. But I’m just stubborn too, so maybe that isn’t a good idea.


Not drunk – tired. And on a keyboard set to English (US) but printed with the Spanish character set. On a PC which randomly keeps moving it back to Spanish configuration randomly and for no reason.


I occasionally lapse into spanish mode, but my lexicon consists solely of the phrase ‘yo soy un pesco’ and the letter eñe. I think something may be wrong.


I admit I was pissed as well, but I’m still blaming it on the keyboard. I’m in Belgium now, and the keyboard is weird. Letters are standard QWERTY but surrounds are all the French accents and punctuation layout – but it’s working like a standard US keyboard. Really ******* with my head. But not as bad as trying to type on an AZERTY one for the last 2 days. Ouch. Head hurt.

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