Birth soup

In the UK: “Currently a birth has to be registered within 42 days, but only one parent is required to do so.” This from a story about birth certificates soon to feature the dad´s name by law. How this will go down with the usual chav situation of pregnancy as a result of a huge stew of baby batter is beyond me…

Apologies for tasteless way of putting it but I can really see this causing a problem to people mis-named as fathers and a load on the NHS for paternity tests. I still think the best way to deal with the problem is to round up all the chavs and kill the *****.

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Ha, I live in the place in Bristol where they house all the single teenage mothers. I can just see that going well. How will we ever know just who the father of ‘our darren’ or ‘our wayne’ is?!


Odds on he’s called Darren or Wayne… I still think they should just kill all the *******. That’ll stop any potential problems.

Dewi Morgan

Friend training to bea doctor. First day in hospital training, helps deliver a chav baby.

“What’ll you call her?” he asked.


They don’t come chavvier than that.


What the **** is a Shaniqua? And didn’t he think of killing the parents to put them out of the kid’s misery? You know, try one of those nature/nurture things to see if it still grew up to be a freak?


Since loads of chavs don’t know who their fathers are, then there must be a really high chance of them inbreeding.

I agree – killing them is the only solution.


This does remind me of the Bill Hicks sketch when he’s talking about the trailer park girls and them trying to remember what the kids names are-
you’re Truck-driver jnr, you’re pizza-delivery-boy jnr, etc, etc

Got an old joke for you –
Two chavs are sitting in a hospital – which was has the higher sperm count?

The chavette.

i’ll get my coat.


*hands your coat to you with grenades in the pockets…*

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