A message to tall people

If you’re at a rock gig, don’t maneuver your way through a packed crowd just to stand in front of me. You’re over 6′ tall. Stand at the ******* back – you can see just fine and better than most from back there you bastard freak of nature. And don’t give me the evil eye every time I elbow your shoulder blades or neck when I put my hands up to clap. You chose to stand there you ignorant ****, so you can choose to **** off just as easily.

12 thoughts on “A message to tall people”

  1. Don’t even start. I’m tiny, how do you think I feel? Women who stand at 5′ 3″ are not the best people to be into heavy metal. We’re vastly outnumbered by big, tall, scary men!

  2. Speaking as someone 6′ tall, I feel I help by protecting you from the sweat soaked front man. And let’s face it: most bands look like The Munsters.

  3. Speaking as someone who’s almost hobbit-size, I try to avoid moshpits and standing areas…
    But I can squeeze through small spaces and get served at the bar quicker! πŸ˜‰

  4. Talia – we’re not all scary!

    Weenie – so go get me a pint, bitch πŸ˜›

    Jamie – The sweat-soaked front man only looks like he’s from The Munsters when Type O Negative are playing. That Pete Steele is one scary bastard.

  5. Muwahahaha

    Shortie ….

    Now what really pisses me off, is when someone 6′ 5″ stands in front of me.

  6. It is a truth univerally acknowledged, that at any given gig, no matter how tall you are, the only person in the place taller than you are will always stand directly in front of you.

  7. Alan, that’s a good theory… until you find the tallest person in the gig. Who’s in front of them? Unless you add a concluding end to the rule specifying thst said tallest person must be up against the barrier.

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