**** off you selfish ********

It’s not even been passed into legislation yet and already a bunch of whinging ***** have launched legal action against the English anti-smoking legislation citing the usual “freedom of human rights” horseshit.

Now let’s point something out – New Zealand, Australia, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland already have such bans in place and all have to follow the same guidelines under the Human Rights legislation. None of them have had a problem, or if complaints have been raised then they’ve been quashed. This is called “precedent” and means that if someone lodges a similar complaint without further evidence then it’ll be thrown out of court.

Smokers have had it their own way for decades. What about my right to go for a night out and not breathe their *****? To not have to shower and put my clothes in the wash when I get in?

Smokers (and those who support them despite not actually being stupid enough to smoke) – **** off. Get a life. Be sensible. If you were complaining about not being able to eat fresh fruit in public, or kiss your partner while walking down the street, or say what you feel about politicians I’d be up there beside you. But your’e asking for a right to continue polluting the atmosphere and poison other people, and kill yourselves. Last time I looked, even the Human Rights brigade had an issue with suicide, assisted or otherwise.

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None of my close friends smoke so Smoke Free is great! And I didn’t smell like fag ash lil after my little sesh in Camden!

And bwahaha, smokers at work now have to move AWAY from the building, round the back, so that should stop them from littering the reception area with ciggie butts!


Shame there are no such laws in the Czech Republic or Poland where smoking in restaurants is still common. Still, it will make coming home more fun, especially as I will only have about three changes of clothes on me by the time I get back!

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