Great questions of our time

Here’s a couple:

If I’m in a space ship that’s travelling at the speed of light and I walk from the cabin into the cockpit, aren’t I travelling faster than light?

If we drink coffee for a buzz, why do coffee shops always play mellow music?

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Time to take the fun out of it all:

1) You can’t travel *at* light speed, only infinitesimally close to it… and so when you walk into the cockpit, relative to everything else you’re actually only approaching lightspeed yourself… faster than the ship but still slower than light.

2) The calming music is to counter the caffeine induced hab-dabs until you’re *outside* the shop.

I suggest drinking espresso _while_ on a ship approaching lightspeed. Physics has yet to explain the unexpected accelleration caused by coffee.

Maybe a strong cup of Kenco Really Rich is the secret to going back in time…


looks like I missed the link to the other blog before I posted that. d’oh!


I wanna go faster than light! How about if I put go-faster stripes on a torch?

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