Tintin is racist scum

Or so says another bunch of fuckwits in the US and the UK. This time, another arm of the “we have too much spare time” league have taken to banishing Tintin in the Congo to the adult section of Borders as it’s racist.

Oh, for ****’s sake. I’d like to know how many members of the committee that decided this are actually black/African American/People of Colour/whatever we’re supposed to call coloured people these days without hurting their delicate feelings.

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Sales for Tin Tin books (in particular this one that was apparently so offensive) have soared and I guess Amazon must be doing a roaring trade. Great publicity!

These books reflect how the world and society was at that time, there’s no sense in trying to erase that – it’s history.

Plus, they’re comic books too, not to be taken seriously but of course, those committee members are so far up their own arses, they have no sense of humour.


Up their arses or buried in the sand. The usual bunch of “let’s ignore history and pretend it never happened” who won’t learn from anything. They probably all deny the Holocaust as well.

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