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While O2 are still ***** (I need to check how high up Google I am when you search for “O2 *****”), I was sad to see the news on BBC that Jane Tomlinson has died. For those who don’t know, Jane’s one of the bravest women I’ve heard of. Diagnosed with terminal cancer a few years ago, she battled against it and devoted as long as she was able to raising money to help fight this disease.

Not content with sitting in a wheelchair and plotting schemes, she went out and did some amazing things. The Great North Run, London Marathon, Ironman UK Triathlon and cycling 4200 miles across America. Things that someone who had been told they had 6 months left to live had no right to be doing. But she defied pretty much everything and everyone and did them.

My hat is off to this woman. The world will surely be worse off for her departure and I can only hope that she acts as an example to many of us. Wherever you are, Jane – it’s time for a rest 🙂

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Dewi Morgan

Oh, impressive! First AND sixth google hit! *applause*

Dewi Morgan

Also first for “o2 mosh”, “o2 mosher”, second for “o2 cobblers”…


I aim to please! Surprisingly their latest reply seems to be taking longer to arrive. I wonder if they’ve passed it on to someone sentient?

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