He shoots, he scores! O2 are still cunts, though.

Oh, and I noticed I am now top TWO on Google if you search for “O2 cunts”. Anyway. Victory is mine!!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

Hello Iain,

Many thanks for your reply and bringing this matter to my attention. I have passed your comments onto my manager Nasrin Anwar who will look into this further.

We’re very sorry about the service you’ve received since your original communication on 30 August 2007. This is not our usual standard of service and I can assure we’ll do our very best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

As a way of an apology, please can you let me know your address and I’ll be very happy to send you a cheque for £15 in respect of the difficulties and upset this has caused.

I’ve also passed your mobile number details again to our specialist team for it to be deleted from our records.

Again, please accept my sincere apologies and I do hope this hasn’t spoiled your holiday. If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Kind regards,


13 thoughts on “He shoots, he scores! O2 are still cunts, though.”

  1. I thank you, I thank you!

    *bows and dodges the flying roses*

    I never give up against big companies. Hell, I even got money out of Barclays at the same time I was closing my account with them…

  2. Excellent, Blue Star 🙂

    Is the manager mentioned, Nasrin Anwar, based in an Indian call centre one wonders?

    As she asks if there’s anything else she can help you with, how about asking for a donation for your chairty walk? All big companies have charity budgets. Just a thought.

  3. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Strange how everyone else had *very* English names, though…

    I’m not pushing my luck. I’ve got 15 smackers for a 75p cockup. I’ll give the spare to Blue Dragon.

  4. Never give up, is all I say. I usually give them 2-3 letters maximum then work my way up the ladder to the top dog. Or his secretary or whoever answers the mail.

  5. Top Bloke. O2 are cunts they’re always felching Nokia, which is a foreign work meaning cunt. It needs to be said.

  6. Thanks, Keith. They’re all cunts, including Vodafone who I’m actually still with despite them being so fucking awful it makes me shit blood on occasion.

  7. The scary thing is I enjoy writing those letters. I wish I still had a copy of the one I wrote to Bradford Council when I found out we weren’t liable for council tax after they’d threatened us with court.

  8. Whoa, just thought you should know that your page is now NUMBER ONE on Google for the search term “O2 cunts”.

    In my considered opinion, O2 are indeed total and utter cunts who are not fit to wipe the shit off the shoes of a convicted kiddy fiddler.

    Furthermore, O2 are linked to Anschutz Entertainment Group, which is owned by a bible-bashing billionaire wanker. He has $7.8 billion in the bank, so I’m sure he can afford to refund your expenses.

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