Flip… flop

Easy come, easy go. I can’t remember which party it was that took the piss out of the other for their “flip flip” (constantly changing back and forth) policies an election or two ago. This is mainly due to the fact that both major parties in the UK are exactly the ******* same. Two big bunches of kids who just want to shout at each other and do the exact opposite.

To prove a point, along comes out new PM who’s barely had a chance to shape the seat in Number 10 to the curves of his huge, sweaty arse and already he’s announcing that he might reverse the 24-hour drinking laws that England were finally granted only a few months ago. By the same government he is a part of.

You’d not believe the number of people I’ve met who are astounded at how early our bars and clubs used to close. The Germans, Belgians, French, Israelis, Aussies… any who’ve visited the UK or been told are simply unbelieving that less than a year ago we had to drink up at 11pm.

Gordon, stop making threats about binge drinking causing problems. Kids are kids. If they binge drink and die, then that’s their own fault. Early closing promoted binge drinking by forcing people to cram alcohol down their throats by an hourly deadline you fat Scottish ******. Just because you know you can piss off back to your home constituency and neck a few whiskies till 4am doesn’t mean that the rest of us wouldn’t like that privilege as well. Or are you planning on making it Britain-wide? No, of course not.

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