You know something?

The worst things anyone can give you are hope, belief and self-confidence. Because it hurts so ******* much and makes life so bloody awful when they take them away again.

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🙁 I know it’s not going to make things much better right now, but you’ll be able to find all those things again, they’re not gone for good.


Nothing to say really, because you are of course, right.

*hugs* though.


Know how it feels to be so bummed out, so no advice. Just thinking about you. See ya soon mate.


Thanks again everyone. I won’t pretend that comments make it better, but they don’t make it worse. Apart from I start to feel guilty about bringing other people down.

I’m just having a real low right now – I feel worse than I did 6 months ago.


Might sound trite, but… no-one except YOU can give you self-belief and self-confidence – and so it’s only you that can take them away whatever anyone else does or doesn’t do to you…

(see i’ve left out the hope bit – yup, others can do you over on that one)

don’t know all the specifics (best not prolly) but suspect the down is also tied in with other endings going on & uncertainty about the future – for ages you’ve been focused on travel then the walk & now that stage is nearly complete it’s bound to be unsettling

just keep working through it – you’ll get there, promise…

ps. let us know when you’re next down south & i shall ply you with alcohol and cheap & shaky psychobabble – woot!


but much more importantly than the last post – welcome back to Blighty!!!


Thanks JJ, and you’re right. A lot of it is to do with timing… like Lou being in NZ the day I get back to the UK on a walk I started partly due to her…

I’ll be in Cardiff at the end of November. See you then!


I’d say that sadly for you, that’s a pretty clear & unequivocal message…

down south?
you chaps oop north make me laugh!
I was thinking more of London / Portsmouth / Southampton area…

still, never averse to a Cardiff visit as it’s a top town – will that be the joyful reunion with your beautiful furry friend? (no Anni – I’m not being cheeky to you!)


It will be for a weekend of METAAAAAL!

Or it should be…I appear to have lost my tickets!


JJ – replied via email

Talia – whoops…. start looking *NOW*!

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