You know something?

The worst things anyone can give you are hope, belief and self-confidence. Because it hurts so fucking much and makes life so bloody awful when they take them away again.

10 thoughts on “You know something?”

  1. 🙁 I know it’s not going to make things much better right now, but you’ll be able to find all those things again, they’re not gone for good.

  2. Thanks again everyone. I won’t pretend that comments make it better, but they don’t make it worse. Apart from I start to feel guilty about bringing other people down.

    I’m just having a real low right now – I feel worse than I did 6 months ago.

  3. Might sound trite, but… no-one except YOU can give you self-belief and self-confidence – and so it’s only you that can take them away whatever anyone else does or doesn’t do to you…

    (see i’ve left out the hope bit – yup, others can do you over on that one)

    don’t know all the specifics (best not prolly) but suspect the down is also tied in with other endings going on & uncertainty about the future – for ages you’ve been focused on travel then the walk & now that stage is nearly complete it’s bound to be unsettling

    just keep working through it – you’ll get there, promise…

    ps. let us know when you’re next down south & i shall ply you with alcohol and cheap & shaky psychobabble – woot!

  4. Thanks JJ, and you’re right. A lot of it is to do with timing… like Lou being in NZ the day I get back to the UK on a walk I started partly due to her…

    I’ll be in Cardiff at the end of November. See you then!

  5. I’d say that sadly for you, that’s a pretty clear & unequivocal message…

    down south?
    you chaps oop north make me laugh!
    I was thinking more of London / Portsmouth / Southampton area…

    still, never averse to a Cardiff visit as it’s a top town – will that be the joyful reunion with your beautiful furry friend? (no Anni – I’m not being cheeky to you!)

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