I am an uncle! Again!

From Indy in Auckland: “Just a quick email to let you know that we had our second baby today 05/10/07. Carys Ushani Silva was born at 0917am (NZST 🙂 ) and weighed 2.83Kg”

Thing is, I was tempted to get home and buy a flight to Auckland as I knew the second nipper was due in October, just not when. Money, however, kicked in as a factor. As did the fact that Lou’s ****** off over there just before I got back to the UK and I don’t want to end up seeing her there with her part-time boyfriend.

But **** that.

*bounces* I is an uncle! Sod tradition, family trees and actually having to be related! Congratulations to all involved and for crying out loud, take a break before the next one…

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