LOLCODE – satisfying my inner geek

One for the sadder elements of my readership, this one. LOLCODE is a new-ish programming language that – amazingly – seems to be genuine. I came across it on Elliott C. Back‘s rather good blog where he has a couple of examples.

For those really interested, the specification for the current version (1.2) is available from the official LOLCODE site. I really can’t believe this is serious but when you take a good look, it’s really BASIC for people who insist on using that moronic “1337” speak. And what’s even more sad is that it makes some kind of sense to me when I look through it…

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I vaguely recall doing BASIC at school.

Vaguely being the operative word – never thought you were that geeky! 🙂


I was born to be a geek. I blame my dad and his using me as an excuse to buy a Sinclair ZX-81 all those years ago. Less than 10 years old and I was learning how to program.


My big sis had a ZX-81 – I wasn’t allowed anywhere near it so it was all a bit scary to me then! My programming was done on the BBC Micro…


The BBC wasn’t a bad machine. Half-decent keyboard, fast as **** and the original machine for Elite. Still stupidly overpriced, though.

We started with the ZX-81 (with a 16k RAM expansion! Wow!) then the Amstrad CPC464 (far superior to the tatty Spectrum and the C64 was just **** for programming), then an Amiga and onto the PC.


Elite! Fab game! I hated the pirates!


I *was* a pirate! Bwahaha! Blooming Thargons, though. All fine till you got stuck in Witch Space and couldn’t get back out.


LOL – that doesn’t surprise me!

I remember in the early days, it took me absolutely ages to learn to dock without crashing into the sides…


Ah, but didn’t the docking computer just save *so* much time?

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