I may be a while…

Apologies to those of you waiting for posts or to catch me on MSN / Skype. I’ve just been sooooo busy the last week or so I’ve not had the time. MSN hasn’t even been clicked on because if I do, I know I’ll end up talking to people instead of getting stuff done.

I will continue to update when I’m in Chamonix around work. I know I have web access because I’m in charge of it… I just don’t know what my spare time will be like and so on. Do stay tuned and do continue to email – I always reply!

6 thoughts on “I may be a while…”

  1. No, not dead. Plenty of time for that to happen in some avalanche or something. Or freak car accident on the wrong side of the road.

  2. But what a way to go! Not quite up there with sexual exhaustion after working my way through a set of six sisters (a personal fantasy), but not a bad way to cark it.

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