I may be a while…

Apologies to those of you waiting for posts or to catch me on MSN / Skype. I’ve just been sooooo busy the last week or so I’ve not had the time. MSN hasn’t even been clicked on because if I do, I know I’ll end up talking to people instead of getting stuff done.

I will continue to update when I’m in Chamonix around work. I know I have web access because I’m in charge of it… I just don’t know what my spare time will be like and so on. Do stay tuned and do continue to email – I always reply!

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Nice to know you’re not dead. Or at least haven’t fallen off the face of the ‘net.


No, not dead. Plenty of time for that to happen in some avalanche or something. Or freak car accident on the wrong side of the road.


The wrong side ? No no, it’s the right side 😀
Crazy english 😛


It is the right side. Which is the wrong side! Bloody French…


You do realise I am now going to worry forever that you’re going to die in a freak snowboarding accident.

Thanks. 😛


But what a way to go! Not quite up there with sexual exhaustion after working my way through a set of six sisters (a personal fantasy), but not a bad way to cark it.