How to make a Manx cat

Some sad news, I received from Anni – the wonderful, wonderful woman who’s looking after my little kitties while I’m away:

Am taking Ed back to the vets today to have the rest of his tail removed 🙁

He is still frightened of it, and chewing and scratching at it. I did try taking the collar off him – a few times – and even let him outside, in case part of it was boredom. But even out in the garden you could see he was petrified of it. So the poor little sod will become a manx cat today.

Also – how to make me feel like a very bad mommy! KK has lost some of her fur around her back legs, where she has been licking away at it. She didn’t seem distressed when i touched it, so she wasn’t in pain. I took her to the vets too, and he asked me if she had fleas. I said no, I hadn’t seen any, nor had I seen any flea dirt (which is all completely true). He picks her up and says “Oh look, there’s one on her leg,” and there was a bloody flea! Seems she is allergic to flea bites, so they are both on that stuff you put ont he back of their necks. I felt awful!!!

Easier than typing it all in for you lot! I’d just like to say that Anni is in no way a bad mommy! Fleas are a bugger to spot – I worked in a vet’s for a year or so and I know this for a fact. Ed’s tail isn’t her fault – just one of those things.

The fact that she’s getting so worked up and worrying about them tells me that she is the bestest kittie mommie in the world and I can’t thank her enough for looking after the pair of them for so long.

Anni, thank you.

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ANYONE who has seen Anni and kitties would have no doubts whatsoever about her overall fabulousness as a kittiemama!


I know. She’s utterly wonderful and lovely! As are my kitties (or what’s left of them). I just emailed her to get an update on Ed. More info when I have it.

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