6 thoughts on “Message to Talia”

  1. It was fun. Missed you though. And not just because I had to get on the train, which I did rather well.

    I’m still pissed I had to miss Machine Head. Bloody return trains!

  2. Had my job not started 3 weeks before I hoped I would have been there! Silly job… Mind, you have a bed and a snowboard instructor here if you want to visit!

  3. I may be able to come and visit for a weekend in the new year.

    Sadly, tickets to fly to Sweden are my top priority though. Why must all my friends get married in silly countries?!

    Although, his missus is Swedish, so that would explain it!

  4. Just let me know a date and I’ll try to fit you in somewhere! Same offer goes to anyone else looking to visit. I can accommodate three people (as long as 2 of them share a bed). And I can *possibly* get discounted tuition, lift passes and kit hire.

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