I bloody hate computers

Which is inconvenient seeing as I work with them. I’ve got a brand new one sat to the desk on my left. I’ve had a similar problem with most of the batch I’ve been building – when I go to Windows Update, Internet Explorer hangs. So I close it, report the error to the dustbin in Microsoft’s cellar, and it pops up with a little dialogue telling me there may be some information that can help resolve this issue.

*Clicky* goes the mouse and I get taken to a page with suggestions. The first of which is to install the most recent patches for IE. Which is what I was trying to do when it crashed. But perhaps this link takes me to a page where I can download them manually? No such luck. It just loops me back to Microsoft Update and IE hangs again.


And I can’t use Firefox to download Windows updates, either. I did manage to do it once (after downloading a gazillion clag-on applications and stuff) but never since. Usually, you just get a screen telling you to use IE, which therefore does make it an unremoveable part of the OS – something that came up in one of the original anti-competition lawsuits a few years ago.

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