6 thoughts on “No real surprise…”

  1. 74% geek and loving it!

    (what was the leet answer by the way – my brain just wouldn’t play ball…)

  2. Who created this: /(bb|[^b]{2})/

    Tim O’Reilly
    John Carmack
    Paul Gower
    Larry Ellison
    William Shakespeare
    I have no idea

    I’m with “no idea” but it’s really annoying as I feel I should know it!

  3. Honest answer, don’t know. I know who they all are, but don’t recognise the code. Tim O’Reilly is a publisher (though I think with some kind of computing / science background); John Carmak is a game developer for id Software; Paul Gower is also a game developer but uses Java for online games; Larry Ellison is CEO of Oracle. The William guy on the end escapes me though.

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