Eddie update

A new message – and a good one – from Anni:

Took them both back tot he vets on Friday, to get their annual jabs, and also for Ed to have his stitches out.

He was good as gold – wriggled a bit, and in the end the vet took them out while I was stood cuddling him, but he never murmured nor scratched. The vet said I could let him out there and then, but as I was going on to work, and then would be late back cos of the Christmas party I decided to leave him in one more day.

He was a bit spooked when we got home – for the first time he was without his collar, and he realised he didn’t have a tail – now he is running in circles looking for the damn thing!

He went out yesterday morning, and all through the day I kept calling him, but no sign. Then at midnight last night, as I was heading to bed, I called them both. KK came straight away, and after a few more calls I heard the neighbours fence go, and little Eddie came running!

Seems he has got the hang of jumping the fences without his tail then!

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Happy Christmas – hope you had a good one!


Thanks, Weenie – sorry for the lack of posts here in recent weeks. Work is very busy and I’m also plotting some big blog changes – soon to be forthcoming, I hope!

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