Al Qaeda make sense shock horror

I’m going to get banned from the US forever for this, but I can’t be arsed with their immigration anyway, so here goes… Al Queda want the Middle East to greet Bush with bombs when he arrives next week. Great idea. If as little ******* late.

Will someone explain how this little fuckwad has been in charge of the US for almost 8 years and nobody’s actually tried to shoot him yet? Given that less dangerous/damaging presidents have been shot in the past, how come he’s got away with it?

There is no justice.

If I disappear, please address future mails to Guantanamo. I think I’d look pretty cool in an orange jumpsuit.

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Ok, and I’ll bring to you some oranges (with a file inside, but shuuuut) 😛


As a coincidence, I just saw the trailer for the enw Harol and Kumar film – Escape from Guantanamo. I better watch that before I get locked up so I get some hints!

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