Worst spam ever

OK, maybe not but it did make me giggle.

Subject: (no subject)
Sender: (unknown sender)
Don’t be alarmed if your penis gets larger before your eyes


okomokom oinimreh okudo
oihcynum olfenste oitrapsa
okoyom okaattio oillakis
okvisvel oksels oifiralc

As if I’d plug their website, which I’m not ever going to visit. I don’t like viruses and spyware. Although it’d be tempting to try and crash their webserver.

You know what? I’ve not been alarmed of my penis getting larger before my very eyes since I was about 10. And that didn’t last long once I realised what I could do with it. Lightsabre battles with other kids in the school loos. Make my bedsheets bounce up and down. Oh, and *******.

Worse email advert ever. Fucktards.

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