Complete drivel

Just to prove a point – Redknapp is completely full of ****. He’s proclaiming that Shearer would be the ideal candidate to take on the NUFC job (perhaps alongside another more experienced figure), but that’s garbage. You can’t have two managers – you’d have a manager and an assistant, as England did. You can’t put him in at the deep end.

OK, one of his quotes ("Experience doesn’t matter – he understands football") makes some kind of sense in a passionate way, but from a tactical and commonsense viewpoint is absolutely whacky. Yes, any Newcastle fan would love to see Shearer take the helm… but only if it’s for the best for the club – and right now it simply wouldn’t be. It’d be a glory signing, like having a **** run then taking on a world-class striker to prove that you’re not that awful after all. It wouldn’t last.

The quote that proves Harry has absolutely lost the plot is the following:

"(Sunderland manager) Roy Keane hasn’t got the experience and he knows what he’s doing. He’s different class and he’s going right to the top."

One look at the league tables proves that this is total, utter, complete gobshite. Keane is going to relegate the mackems far sooner than he’s going to lead them to silverware of any shape or form. This isn’t a personal strike at the cheating Irish thug or the bunch of inbred windowlickers he manages – I’d say the same if Harry was talking about (random choices) Peter Beardsley managing Spurs if they were in 18th position with 20 points from 22 games. Top? Top of what? He’s not even bad enough to top the table of worst managers Sunderland have ever had (stand up Mr McCarthy, and your 2nd-worst football league none-winning streak / worst top flight points total record).

And I can’t believe I agree with John Hall on something.

Read the rest of Harry’s mental breakdown at BBC Sport.

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King Kev hasn’t ruled himself out…..oooooh!


Depending on which newspaper / BBC web page / manager who’s opening his gob, neither has Shearer. Of course, 50% of the rest of the media says he *has* ruled himself out.

I hate this manager-chasing period. It’s so bloody annoying.

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