Funny or scary?

I know a lot of Christians. On the whole they’re nice folk who don’t piss me off by trying ton "save" me. Thanks for that. Generally, I don’t give a **** what religion someone is, as long as they realise that I don’t care and don’t want to join them.

Now, go have a look at this list of quotes people have lifted from various (predominantly Christian) websites. I’m also making a leap of judgement here, but I’m assuming American websites as well. Nobody else could be so narrow-minded and stupid.

It’s not like the cute quotes where kids say that flowers grow where Jesus walked and that kind of thing. It’s people displaying complete outright ignorance for science, technology and – worst of all – their fellow man.

Funny? Scary? I’m going for sickening. These people are prime examples of religion at its worst.

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Gorilla Bananas

Well religion can get a lot worse than saying foolish things. People talk crap for all kinds of reasons.

The one thing that would really bring religious people and atheists together would be a visit from God. Let’s suppose he said all the holy books were ***** and asked everyone to kiss his big white arse (assuming it’s white). Everyone would gang up against him.


I would’ve commented earlier but I was still in shock from learning that gravity was a myth!!*

*And tethering myself to a large-ish boulder so’s I wouldn’t float away.

Mind, I’m curious as to what sins I may have committed whilst still in the womb that made me a lifelong spaztard. Maybe I can sue my ma!!*

*After she decks me for suggesting something so patently fucktarded, of course

What a bunch of wackos šŸ˜†


Gorilla – it’s not so much what they’re saying… it’s the fact that they believe it and their actions reflect this. Such as the quote neat the top from the idiot who refused to believe that homosexuality was just something that some people are… and probably had a huge hand in his son’s suicide (and thus consignment for Hell). Ignorant ****.

Oh, and last I heard, God was/is a woman. And I’m all into kissing women’s bottoms if it’s going to get me some action.

Whoops. I am effectively talking about getting God horny. If there was a Hell, I’d be going there right after the next thunderstorm. *KAPOW*

Babs – I’m trying to figure out how a mountain could have committed so much sin that it’s pretty much stuck in one place for eternity. Anyone know any mountains that have had an abortion?

Sure you weren’t worshipping false idols in the womb? Or coveting your neighbour’s ox or whatever? Even by accident?


Biggest larf since Nail Quim said sunderland were going to be bigger than Newcastle this season!
But honestly, are our yankie colonial cousins so thick? do they believe the worlds flat?
Liked the one about only true christians speak/read English, do the dumb ***** know Bede was a Northumbrian?

What language did he speak?
Not Aramiac
Time for a Jack D’s


Don’t forget in a previous post that I mentioned Redknapp saying that Keane was going to be a great manager. Maybe in the lower divisions where the piece of **** belongs.

Hate to scare you, but a *lot* of people believe the Earth is flat, not just a handful of hatstand Yanks. However, I do believe that the majority (if not all) who do are – yup – Christians.

Fundamentalists are mentally challenged, regardless of religion. Christian, Muslim, Jewish… it’s not the religion that’s the issue. It’s the taking it too far.


Some days it really scares me to think that people with beliefs, such as those shown, are running loose in society. I don’t tend to have a problem with anyone else’s beliefs – as long as that person isn’t a) trying to tell me I’m wrong in my own beliefs, b) trying to convert me, or c) hurting anyone in the process.

If you want to worship a giant wheel of cheese – more power to you – just don’t give me grief when I eat cheese, rather than worship it.

My problem with some fundamentalists is that if you don’t totally agree with everything they say then you’re wrong (because they couldn’t possibly have made an error) and going to hell (excuse me — but who gave them the passenger list ?).


Looking at the list of whackos on the page I linked to, the most worrying statistic is the number who fall into category c). How many of them have children who are being mentally destroyed by their parents’ lack of ability to allow their progeny to develop, grow and think for themselves? And who then go on to blame society when said child goes off the rails or tops themselves?

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