A couple of quotes

From today’s BBC website live Premiership coverage page. Always a good way to follow the action if you can’t get any other coverage. You know, for stupid reasons like the bloody annoying regional/national licenses the FA insist on persecuting all non-resident Brits with. ********.


“1457: “My Geordie mate here has called his son Kevin Keegan Smith, as he was born the day Keegan was appointed manager again.”
Phil, RAF Waddington, via text”

“1330: And so it came to pass, that the 19th day of the first month in the two thousand and eighth year after Christ, should henceforth be know as Kevin Keegan Day.”

“1339: (See 1330:) “Otherwise known as the holiday of hopeless optimism.”
nogginthenogforever on 606″

“1343: “If Newcastle lose today, Keegan will be on a beach this time next week after getting the sack.”
Jonjo Wood, via text”

“1348: “According to reports, the people of Newcastle are petitioning for Keegan to be put on the back of local coins – one Toon local described the idea as ‘mint’!”
Anonymous, via text”

Personally, I feel like Oz in the last episode of season 1 of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. Which I would quote directly if ITV.com’s ******* web page would let me view the archive outside of the UK. ********.

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