Oh, for ****’s sake

The News of the World (that reputable piece of **** that any sane person wouldn’t wipe their arse with in case they caught a strange disease) has released a shitty drawing of the man who (allegedly) kidnapped Madelaine McCann. Or maybe they’re just after selling a few more of their turd-rags after interviewing an attention-happy ****-stirrer who happened to stay 600 yard from the McCann’s flat and who needs some more money for next year’s holiday.

Now let’s be fair – the local police have been utterly crap at doing anything so far (at least, so the McCanns have led us to believe), but even so you’d think they’d have interviewed the neighbours before the ******* toilet paper publishers we class as journalists in this country got to them. By now, the person in the pictures would have had a haircut and used the money from selling the child to the child-traffickers in the Middle East to get his buck teeth fixed.

Well done, NotW. You look like a bigger bunch of ***** than usual, dragging this story back into the limelight. Getting desperate, were we?

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Gorilla Bananas

The News of the World is covering a crime story?
I thought its niche was being The News of the Screws. They must be aiming at a more up-market readership.


I’d hardly call it “crime”. More “desperation”. And it’s not like they’re short of porn if you go digging through the dinky ads at the back of the classifieds.


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