Thugs R Us (and we don’t like cripples)

Oh, joy. Not only have we got Joey Barton back but we’ve hired one of the few players who could actually compete in the Professional Fouling Stakes with Roy Keane. Well, let it be said that (aside from the actual football recently) things are never boring at Newcastle.

Barton’s a liability, pure and simple. Keegan’s quote that "I think we will see a new Joey Barton at the end of this" is perhaps true in the sense that he’ll know what a prison uniform is like to wear and how it feels to be someone’s bitch for 18 months.

As for Wise… well, there’s no denying he’s done a good job at Leeds but I simply just don’t like him in the same way I didn’t like Lee Bowyer. Come on, the guy looks like the Prince of Darkness with those scary eyes. It also seems that Keegan himself doesn’t know why we’re offered Wise a job, or as what. All should be made clear later today, but it doesn’t mean I like it.

Finally, the BBC just ran a quick survey to see how many Premiership grounds match up to the disabled requirements (not legal, but requested) put forward in 2003. Two of them. Out of twenty. Surprise, neither is a top-flyer either. Well done Bolton and Blackburn. A tip of the hat to Chelsea for their free ticket scheme for the few disabled supporters who can gain entry as well; also to Arsenal for being so close to the target with 96%.

The main focus seemed to be the availability of spaces for wheelchairs, though. This only counts for some of the disabled fans, though. Feel free to refer back to a couple of older posts on here for details of a discussion I had with NUFC in October regarding "walking disabled".

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Gorilla Bananas

I am ill-informed about football issues, but shouldn’t you be expressing an opinion about Alan Shearer here?


OK – he’s not fit to be a manager as yet and he’s crap on the telly.

Damo - back at last

Hey man – back at long last.
don’t get me started on bloody keegan and Wise.
what’s the point – we should be looking forward, not harking back to some glorious past in which we played good football but didn’t actually win anything.
that said though – hopefully the football can’t be any worse than under BFS.

you alright man?


Not so bad, fella. You got a blog update anywhere, or are you just creeping slowly back online?

Damo - back at last

well, now that the major problems are behind me I’ve basically done a few facebook type stuff things for my work collegues, but will try to get back slowly.


Ew, facebook. Still not on it, still no plans to go on it. In fact, I’m supposed to be blocking it across all our sites so staff can’t get on. It’s on my “to do” list… Has been for 2 months now.

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