Fantastic news

A couple of months ago, one of the kids I worked with at Blue Dragon was seriously assaulted by a random gang of thugs. Apparently it was a case of mistaken identity as they’d been paid to kill someone else who just happened to look similar to poor Ngoc. No consolation for the poor lad who lost a kidney, suffered damage to both lungs and amazed medical staff by actually recovering.

He returned home recently, but the good news for the day is that the police have managed to catch all three of the filthy ******** who did this to him.

Now I’ve not heard great things about the police in Vietnam. They tend to be jobsworths, or just use their position as an excuse to bully or cajole money from people. I don’t want to tar them all with the same brush, but it’s sadly a popular image.

However, I’m guessing that the huge attention Ngoc received while in hospital may have made them realise that this one case needed special care. It’s a shame it was necessary, but the show of numbers from the staff &amp children, and as far as delegates from foreign embassies who visited and passed on gifts perhaps gave the police the kick they needed to go out and do some work.

And it paid off.

I wish I could come face to face with the ******** who did this to Ngoc. In a locked room, away from public view. With a lead pipe and no Colonel Mustard leering over my shoulder as I bludgeoned their knuckles to a pulp. But to do so would be to step outside the law that the police have maintained very well in this case.

I’ll just have to be happy in the knowledge that the prisons over there are a shitload worse than the holiday camps we have in the UK. I hope the ******* rot in there for all eternity.

And I can’t wait to see Ngoc again in July. I can’t tell you how happy I am to know I’ll be able to do that.

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Nice story. We could do with sending some of our thugs to stay in far east prisons.


Not sure if I posted a link on here or not, but there was a good story recently about the Germans sending their chavs to Siberia.

Mind, we did get rid of Gary Glitter to the Vietnamese. Shame there’s a possibility of the child-fiddling freak being given early release.


Really wish it hadn’t happened to your friend, but glad they caught the shitheads that did it.


Tell me about it. A shame the only punishment these scum would understand is a severe beating and we’re not allowed to do that as we have to set an example to the kids.


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