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Two stories caught my eye today. The first is about a teacher who was given a suspended sentence some time ago for daring to confront a gang of youths who had harassed her and her family for months on end. She fired a couple of shots into the air with a pellet gun, they reported her to the police and she was given 6 months. This was commuted on appeal to a 12- month suspended sentence. Her crime was worded as "possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, and affray".

Well… yes. Can you blame her? Legal resorts failed to get her anywhere as the crimes committed against her were regarded as "low priority crime". Sure, one incident of a retard spray-painting your garden wall is low priority. But all the time? Plus further vandalism, trespass, threats (verbal and physical), burglary… At what point to several small crimes amount to a much larger one?

Don’t get me wrong. I read enough police blogs to know that the boys in blue have their hands tied by ridiculous targets, legislation and so forth. I’m sure that most officers would gladly round up the scum who were doing this, pop them into a cell and beat the **** out of them. Sadly, they can’t do this. Procedures must be followed. Social workers must be brought in if any of the poor darlings may have been spanked as a child. Twenty pieces of paperwork must be filled in for each individual arrested.

You can argue that this woman should not have gone running around with a firearm. I’d say that it shouldn’t have got so far that she snapped and ended up doing just that. People have limits. I’m bloody glad I’ve got very high limits, or I could have done something as bad or worse to the **** I used to live next door to (dig through the archives about 2 1/2 years). And she was committed of basically trying to scare people – to make them frightened that they may get hurt. Not of actually intending to hurt them. Hardly a major crime in my eyes, and peanuts compared to what she’d been through.

I’m just glad to read that she got so many letters of support. If I knew her address I’d send her one as well. She didn’t fail – the system failed her.

On a lighter note, some silly bitch in Darlington tattooed her boyfriend’s nickname on her belly, in Chinese, as a sign of her undying love. Of course, they split up. I’m trying to figure out from the report if she’s 19 now, or was 19 when she got the tattoo done, in which case I’m surprised the tattooist hasn’t been charged as she’d have been under 18 at the time. Of course, she’d likely have had 25 boyfriend and two pregnancies by then. It is Darlington after all.

Anyway, his nickname was "Roo". One syllable or symbol. She has three Chinese characters on her belly. This means three syllables. And apparently it translates as "supermarket".

You stupid cow. Mind, being from Darlo she’s bound to be off to a bad start as far as entrance to MENSA (or indeed, nursery school) is concerned.

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Gorilla Bananas

It’s asking too much of a teacher to expect her to cull yobbos, so you can’t blame her for firing into the air. Shooting these feral types is really a job for a trained marksman.


When I used to help out in my folks’ takeaway, we used to get chavs all the time coming in asking for their name or phrase translated into Chinese for tattoos.

I used to just pass the requests to the chef – F knows what he used to write…


Gorilla – sadly it seems we have a shortage of trained marksmen. They’re all busy chasing South American students onto Tube trains and blowing their brains out.

Weenie – I’ve heard loads of stories of people getting Chinese tattoos which turn out to be swear words and so on. I think you’re better off getting “crispy duck” tattooed on yourself. At least then you can compare it to a menu somewhere and know it’s accurate.

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