Firefox / Google shortcuts

Maybe these work in IE as well. I’m too lazy to find out.

Two web sites I look at a lot are Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database. The usual method is to go to the page and then search for something, or to start typing the address in the bar in Firefox, spot an earlier entry and change it to get the item I want.

No more!

I’m not sure how long this has been available, but try going to the page bar (where you’d normally type in or whatever) and enter wiki scatology or similar. Voilá, you’re taken straight to the page. Similarly, try imdb edward penishands for an IMDB search.

There may well be other common searchable sites this works with. Looking at the status bar at the bottom, the system seems to work by checking Google first, when then forms the correct page URL and forwards you to the article you’re after. A bit like an advanced version of their "feeling luck" button.

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Dewi Morgan

“wp” instead of “wiki” is a shade faster ‘cos it uses wikipedia’s search engine. On the other hand, “wiki” will use Google magic to find stuff that “wp” won’t find


right you blackmailing ****** – I have posted again – happy?

on a related note – how good is your html?
I am working on a problem and need some guidance(read into that – i may pay for it’s solving).



Dewi – so is it a Google thing or a Firefox thing? Or is the “wiki” one Google and the “wp” Firefox? Either way, it’s easier than trying to manually enter Wikipedia addresses.

Damo – email me and let me know what the problem is. Always happy to have a look through i can’t guarantee anything!

Dewi Morgan

“wiki” is Google, “wp” is a keyword in one of the default Firefox shortcuts. it in detail (along with how to create your own special keywords), but basically, click Bookmarks -> quicksearches -> (rightclick) Wikipedia Quicksearch -> properties to see how the keyword is set up.

I seem to have a few others, which are likely also defaults: “google” (pointless, given it’s the default anyway), “dict” (to search Chambers’), and “quote” (to search stocks). But it looks easy enough to set up your own – just replace the search string with %s.

So with a keyword “fg” and the shortcut “”, you can make quickly-pastable URLs for idiots who ask you questions. Hilarity ensues.

Dewi Morgan

*goes for a look*

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