New Metallica album

There’s an interview with some drum tech or something paraphrased on Metal Hammer’s news section at the moment. To save you reading the entire thing, I’ve plucked one word out of it which will describe the latest opus from the once-good Metallica:


Just saved you two minutes’ reading. Aren’t I nice?

6 thoughts on “New Metallica album”

  1. I tend to agree with Metal Hammer. My boy, who plays in Skindred, knows these guys, and agrees their best days are behind them. Groovy bass though.


  2. Far *far* behind them…So far behind them that the sign on the wing mirror that says “objects which appear in this mirror may be closer than they appear” can be safely ignored.

    So far behind them I wish they’d give up. Seriously. Have some dignity.

  3. speaking as a non-fan of metallica, i can’t say I am arsed about their making a new album. that said, I do agree with you in the fact that their best days are behind them.

  4. They pretty much ruined Leeds Festival for me a few years ago. All fine for the first 2-3 songs… then the fatal words:

    “Who here bought St Anger?!”

    Cue me walking off to the car before they launched into any of the turgid shit off possibly the most disappointing “comeback” album in metal history. And the first to be so awful as to have me giggling like a schoolgirl at how bad it was by the end of the first “song”.

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