I had some spare time…

And I thought those days were behind me:


I got a boost at the end as the last question’s a little ambiguous in my view. It depends who the people in question are… But I went for "one" on the assumption it was someone important, like one of my children.

This could fund my next trip to Vietnam! No… wait…
$4175.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth.

Well, it could be worse:

Damn, I thought I could rattle off more!

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Jesus, were you that bored?

I had the day off for a job interview. I also surfed t’web for a couple of hours this afternoon – all I did was look at PrOn though


I was “working”. No, wait, I think I went though this lot after my shift finished. Mind, I’m testing backups , installing operating systems and copying hard drives at the moment. All involve a lot of thumb-twiddling.


I might have a go at the country one at some point but it’s late and my brain’s mashed…


Boy do I know that feeling… roll on a lie in tomorrow as it’s my day off! So I won’t be in the office until about lunchtime when I get bored of sitting at home.


Damn you, Mosh!! I’m stuck on the ‘name how many countries’ one. I keep swearing I can type faster and trying again. First 43 (cuz I didn’t realize how it worked), then 61 and now 69.


Also, my cadaver is totally not worth the $5,190 they’re quoting 8)


Damn you – 50 countries I could name.


have you seen the list it gives you when you finish? There are some I’ve never even heard of. And some I’ll never learn how to spell.

Babs – I’ll give you £10 and some KY. My place at 11?


I ought have known when I bloody typed that that I shouldn’t have. Tsk.

And NO WAY!! You’ve got that weird noodle fascination going on πŸ˜‰


There’s nothing wrong with noodles. If you’ve not been thrashed with wet ones, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Oh, and who’s sneaky – changing their blog without telling anyone…


Well I suppose it depends on what sort of noodle you’re on about. Egg noodles?? Spaetzle noodles?? Ramen?!?

Also, I told and I linked as I said I would–so bloody there πŸ™‚


I like the ones they put in Pho.

No excuse! You didn’t mail me (courier post) with chocolated and ribbons and butterflies so it doesn’t count πŸ˜›


I didn’t know they had noodles in Pho.

I imagine Tinky-Winky and the rest of the lot get annoyed with that.

{I should probably be shot for that}

And it’s in the mail, I swear!!



The “Pho” shop round the corner from where I was living in Hanoi did! Ate there almost every day for 6 weeks.

*awaits butterflies*

*and marks you for death for bringing back memories of the Teletubbies*