We don’t care how religious you are, we still don’t trust you

A news article today tells that the Pope cannot be greeted by Sikhs at an interfaith meeting in the US as part of their ceremonial dress is a small dagger (called a kirpaan). Because obviously they’ll try to gut him in full public view.

It’s simple to figure out why the US security services won’t let them do so. They’re coloured and wear turbans and have beards so they’re all terrorists. I bet they’d not have a problem with a contingent of traditionally-dressed Scots making their way over, armed with nothing but kilts, penises to make any American woman quake and a Sgian Dubhs. As long as they were clean-shaven, bare-headed and didn’t have a strong suntan.

"We apply our security policy consistently and fairly," said some guy in a black suit. Yup – if you’re an A-rab then you’re presumed guilty until someone wraps you in an orange jumpsuit and half-drowns you. And then they find you guilty because you’ll say anything to get the large man in the khakis from stomping on your testicles again.

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