How exactly is this news?

Emphasis on the "new". Alder Hey Hospital has announced that if parents didn’t smoke around their children, then the number of bronchitis cases (and other smoking-related diseases) would drop.

Now excuse me if I’ve been living in a future world and have just popped back to see how shitty the 21st century actually was… but haven’t we known this for years, just smokers are so ******* selfish they don’t care?

This reminds me of a guy I used to work with. He was my contact at another company and he told me about one of his colleagues with a very poorly daughter. Lovely child, about 10 years old, crippling lung conditions and stunted growth. This chap and his partner went to dinner at the colleague’s house… where said colleague and his wife chain-smoked the entire evening from the moment they arrived to the moment they left.

Despite this, the doctor’s protestations and what is common ******* knowledge in this day and age they point-blank refused to believe that their filthy habit was in any way related to their poor daughter’s debilitated condition.

The selfish, ignorant, backward *****.

I can’t be arsed looking for the post elsewhere on the blog but I’ve said in much these words before: how can it be illegal to slip arsenic and other toxins into your child’s food… yet be completely legal to force them to breathe the same filth when you’re fully aware of the risks?

Yes, I’m a rampant anti-smoker. Yes, perhaps it’s selfish of me to be glad that they now can’t smoke in pubs, clubs and malls in many countries. But how on earth can anyone attempt to justify something that causes nothing but ill health? And worse, not just to themselves but to everyone around them?

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