Well, it’s Saturday

So sticking to the football theme, I do know that we’re going to get our gonads handed to us on a platter (or a stolen hubcap) at Liverpool, but all the same a short message to ManUre fans everywhere (except for Manchester for obvious reasons):

haha. Hahaaha. *chuckle* Hee hee hee. HAhAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!

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Oh dear oh dear oh dear……..when super k put head in hand….i thought…its all over for that man….what d’you reckon ?


I didn’t / couldn’t watch. Courtesy of the ludicrous licensing regulations, even though I pay a TV license in the UK, I’m not allowed to watch any football unless I’m in a pub. Even Match of the Day canop nly be broadcast online *while it’s being broadcast on TV* and I still can’t see it because I’m in France.

Good job, really.


well, speaking as a Mag I knew we were on for a tonking from the Reds.
That said, f*ck you manc scum, f*ck you manc scum


I’ve already commented on the ManUre result on an earlier post. Of course, Fergie’s off on one (not on BBC, obviously) about how unfair it was that his side didn’t have the ref’s bias for a change.